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RTO ID No: 90547

Mode of delivery: Blended learning (Pre-learning & face to face

These Courses provide Nationally Recognised Training in the following Units of Competency. Depending upon your specific requirements, one or more of these units may be applicable.

PMASUP236 - Operate vehicles in the field
RIIVEH201D - Operate light vehicle

RIIVEH305E - Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle
TLIC3036 - Apply safe car driving behaviours
TLIC2025 - Operate four wheel drive vehicle

FWPCOT3259 - Operate a four wheel drive vehicle on unsealed roads
SISODRV201A - Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads

SISODRV302A - Drive and recover a 4WD vehicle 

These units specify the outcomes required to operate a 4x4 vehicle safely in a range of conditions including normal roads, gravel roads, traversing steep slopes, ascending and descending slopes, river crossings, stall recovery and Snatch Strap Recovery. Suitable for all types of 4wd’s capable of low range and also suitable for a majority of AWD vehicles.

These units cover the skills and knowledge required to use appropriate range, gear and techniques to drive a four wheel drive vehicles through and over different terrain and apply basic vehicle recovery techniques.

Duration: - 1 - 3 days depending upon course selection, plus time for pre-reading & pre-course questionnaire

As an overview the courses include the following;

  • Perform pre operational vehicle checks;
  • Change a wheel on a 4WD vehicle sited on uneven ground;
  • Stall/key start recovery downhill forward and reverse;
  • Implement minimal environmental impact practices;
  • Operate a 4WD vehicle competently in off-highway conditions, including;
    1. Up and down steep inclines;
    2. correct range, gears and techniques;
    3. through muddy terrain and ditches;
    4. across side slope involving irregular terrain;
    5. irregular sandy terrain;
    6. through water; and
    7. along dry and wet dirt roads;
  • Use a single snatch Strap to recover a vehicle;
  • Operate a 4WD vehicle giving due regard to Workplace Health and Safety issues;
  • Knowledge and skills required to use a 4WD vehicle with due regard to environmental issues.

Onsite Training.