TLIC3036-Apply safe car driving behaviours

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Our Price: $415.00

code: TLIC3036    


RTO ID No: 90547

National Code: TLIC3036 Apply safe car driving behaviours

Duration: 1 day plus time for pre-reading & pre-course questionnaire

Mode of delivery: Blended learning (Pre-learning & face to face)

Traditional 'advanced' or 'defensive' driving courses can create 'reactive' rather than 'proactive' driver. Our on road courses focus on individual driver development and teach low risk driving techniques that can be applied everyday out on our public roads.

Designed for Australian conditions, our courses are effective & different. Improve your driving safety. Getabout include the skills to drive on gravel roads and how to cope with outback conditions.

Great gift for the young driver to develop a safe driving attitude early before learning the hard way, or developing bad habits.

Set courses available or if you have a group Getabout can tailor to suit specific travel or workplace needs.

Low Risk Courses can assist employers with their vehicle based Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Our courses are designed to improve & build on driver safety & skills.