BASIC 4WD: SISODRV201A-Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads

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Our Price: $415.00

code: SISODRV201A    


RTO ID No: 90547

Family special;$545 for 2 participants in the same vehicle; receiving 1 training pack

With the boom in All Wheel Drive vehicles, we have formatted a course specifically designed to meet the requirements of these vehicles. This course covers operating your vehicle over a variety of terrain, water crossings, snatch strap recovery, and wheel changing.

4WD Course for All Wheel Drive vehicles
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This unit specifies the outcomes required to operate a 4x4 vehicle safely in a range of conditions including normal roads, traversing slopes, ascending and descending steep slopes and stall recovery.

National Code: SISODRV201A Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads
Duration: - 1 day plus pre-reading & pre-course questionnaire

Mode of delivery: Blended learning (Pre-learning & face to face)

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may vary at some venues

As an overview the course includes the following;

Perform pre operational vehicle checks;
Tyres pressure suitable for terrain;
Implement minimal environmental impact practices;
Operate a 4WD vehicle competently in off-highway conditions,

a) up and down steep inclines;
b) correct range, gears and techniques;
c) through muddy terrain and ditches;
d) across side slope involving irregular terrain;
e) irregular sandy terrain;
f) through water; and
g) along dry and wet dirt roads.

Operate a 4WD vehicle giving due regard to Workplace Health and Safety issues;
Knowledge and skills required to use a 4WD vehicle with due regard to environmental issues.