Four wheel drive training

Our 4WD training courses  teach how to use 4WD vehicles safely and with respect for the environment. Your vehicle is exceptionally capable and may surprise you with what it can actually achieve. Our courses are offered in a variety of areas and are designed to give you the practice and confidence to drive your vehicle safely. Your 4WD is not your average family car and you deserve better than average training.

Most modern 4WDs are fitted with complex electronics, and the way they are driven is different to the way older vehicles are driven off road. Our instructors have an excellent working knowledge of how these vehicles work and how driver behaviour should be modified to get the best out of them.

Protect your investment and enjoy the full potential of your 4WD vehicle with qualified instructors from Getabout Training Services.

Free loan UHF CB on all courses.

Driver Training Courses  are available from a number of training packages in locations across Australia.
NSW: Sydney; Lithgow; Newcastle; Queanbeyan; Wagga Wagga; Nowra; Armidale
QLD: Brisbane; Mackay; Townsville; Cairns, Gladstone
VIC: Melbourne; Wodonga; Bayswater North, Werribee 
SA: Adelaide; Peake; Port Augusta, Mt Lofty (Please check, some 2 day courses are not consecutive dates)
WA: Perth;
ACT: Canberra, Queanbeyan

* Or Onsite for corporate inquiries - Before booking please click here for critical student information and requirement reading

* Please note: a venue booking fee may apply to some venues & course prices may vary at some venues.

* Please note: Alternate dates can be arranged on request.

Corporate inquiries see Corporate Training & Events
hese include Mining, Forestry and Operational Driving

4WD Courses offered: