Adv 4WD

This unit specifies the outcomes required to operate a 4x4 vehicle safely in a range of more extreme conditions, possibly as a single operator and having to conduct self recovery using winches. Suitable for larger 4wd’s capable of low range, fitted with a winch or carrying a hand winch.

The Advanced 4WD course builds on your knowledge & skills and has terrain with a greater degree of difficulty with an emphasis on advanced recovery techniques. Subjects covered include, steep inclines and declines, deep water crossings, safe operation of power winches and other recovery equipment. This unit specifies the outcomes required to perform complex 4x4 operations including operation over rugged terrain and water crossings.

This Course provides Nationally Recognised Training in the following Units of Competency.
SISODRV404A (formerly SRODRV002B) Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain
SISODRV405A (formerly SRODRV003B) Coordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles

FWPFGM3215 Perform complex 4x4 operations.

Students who wish to participate in this course are advised that as a prerequisite they need to demonstrate competence in SISODRV302A; FWPCOT3259 or equivalent.

This course covers competencies:

• Drive a four wheel drive vehicle in difficult terrain;
• Select routes to minimise damage to the environment;
• Use appropriate range, gear, speed (momentum), driving and braking technique to negotiate a range of difficult terrain types;
• Stall stop, forward/reverse key starts and hand brake starts;
• Apply risk management procedures;
• Perform maintenance and minor repairs on four wheel drive vehicles;
• Safe use of a jack on uneven ground;
• Puncture repair (tube and tubeless);
• Communication with others is established;
• Operate a 4WD vehicle giving due regard to Occupational Health and Safety issues;
• Knowledge and skills required to use a 4WD vehicle with due regard to environmental issues;
• Vehicle Recovery systems including power & hand Winches.