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Course available in NSW.

Knowing how to use a winch might not be a skill you use as often as changing a tyre – but it’s definitely one that when you need it you’ll be very glad you have it. Sometimes it’s the only way to free a stuck vehicle, so getting up to speed with winching is a must for any 4WD enthusiast. 

This one-day course is your ultimate guide to winching – and to staying on track for your next 4WD adventure. After this course, you will have the confidence to recover yourself or friends should they get stuck.

You’ll learn how to:

  • ensure you have all the gear necessary to winch your vehicle
  • plan the winch recovery using your surroundings
  • assess the situation to ensure effective winch use
  • winch a vehicle from a variety of situations – safely
  • connect, use and store your winch gear correctly
  • inspect equipment for any damage that may inhibit performance

How it works

Bring your 4WD vehicle for a hands-on day of winching wisdom. Your experienced instructor will start by taking you through winching basics – everything from the component parts of a winch mechanism to the physics of how they work (don’t worry, it’s not like a science lesson!).

Then we’ll then work through some scenarios to put your knowledge into practice. You’ll learn how to operate all the main types of both power winches and hand winches, plus high lift jacks.

You’ll also learn how to maintain your winch gear so that it stays effective – and is ready for whenever you might need it.

Further student information, including Terms & Conditions​, is available here.