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Course available at Lithgow, NSW.

Get comfortable, confident and capable in handling a chainsaw. This two-day course led by highly experienced industry professionals gets you in the field, using chainsaws to tackle a wide range of situations.

Whether it’s clearing tracks, clearing storm damage, this course ensures you’re up to the task – and always put safety first.

You’ll learn how to:

  • identify appropriate cutting techniques
  • assess, secure and manage work areas
  • choose the right equipment for the job
  • use a range of cutting techniques for different types and sizes of material
  • clear debris correctly
  • perform chainsaw cleaning, maintenance and storage

How it works

On the day of your training, we’ll review your answers and discuss any questions – then it’s time to rev up and get to work!

You’ll have access to a wide range of situations that require chainsaw operation, and you’ll get the chance to try your hand at a number of cutting techniques and patterns. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to ensure that your own safety – and that of those around you – is paramount at all times. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID19 requirements participants will need to bring all their food and beverages.

Further student information, including Terms & Conditions​, is available here.       

To ensure we promote correct WHS, there will be a maximum of 10 participants on a course.


  • Course training material is supplied, including chainsaws, axes and protective clothing including helmets and chaps.
  • AQF Certificates included on successful completion free of charge: FWPCOT2239 Trim and cross cut felled trees has been superseded by and equivalent to FWPCOT2256 Trim and cross cut felled trees. FWPCOT2237 Maintain chainsaws has been superseded by and equivalent to FWPCOT2254 Maintain chainsaws.

    Please refer to for course changes and content details.

    Getabout Training Services is in the process of developing the new courses to meet the mandatory course content and assessment and theywill be available for quality delivery from 3rd December 2021. Booking availability TBA.

    No bookings will be accepted into superseded codes (FWPCOT2239 Trim and cross cut felled trees and FWPCOT2237 Maintain chainsaws) after 3rd November 2021.

    No course delivery for superseded codes (FWPCOT2239 Trim and cross cut felled trees and FWPCOT2237 Maintain chainsaws) after 17th November 2021.

    For more information please contact our office