Towing Courses

Take the stress out of towing.

In our towing courses, you will get to learn everything from the ground up – from how trailers move with vehicles to how they function in different types of driving situations. Once you have a sound knowledge of the theory, you will get plenty of opportunity to put it into practice: The course covers manoeuvering, reversing, turning safely, parking, coupling and uncoupling – you will get all the skills you need to tow with confidence.

Whether you want to take a caravan to a campsite, a boat to the coast or a campervan off road and out into the bush, our courses will get you and your trailer moving in the right direction.

What our customers say…

I was unsure of my ability to complete the practical assessment until it began. The trainer's clear
explanations and simple aide memoire meant I drove away confident in my new ability to tow and
manoeuvre my caravan. Since the practical assessment, I have implemented several safety suggestions
made by the trainer and practised the manoeuvre techniques I learned. The training has stuck - now I can
slip the van into a tight space in one movement. I've also made illustrated reversing checklists to keep in
our van.
This course is a must for first-time van owners - perhaps all van owners!
Peter WisemanNov 2023