Towing Courses

Take the stress out of towing.

In our towing courses, you will get to learn everything from the ground up – from how trailers move with vehicles to how they function in different types of driving situations. Once you have a sound knowledge of the theory, you will get plenty of opportunity to put it into practice: The course covers manoeuvering, reversing, turning safely, parking, coupling and uncoupling – you will get all the skills you need to tow with confidence.

Whether you want to take a caravan to a campsite, a boat to the coast or a campervan off road and out into the bush, our courses will get you and your trailer moving in the right direction.

What our customers say…

On Monday 13th January 2020 my wife, Denise, and I attended the Getabout Training Tow-Ed course. We were surprised and delighted to discover that it was a one-on-one course and our trainer, Graham, spent the whole day teaching us the subtleties of off road towing.

And off road it was too, with steep descents, water crossings with some off camber and ramp-over work. Graham taught us a most innovative and effective way for us to back our caravan around all sorts of obstacles using a very simple and easy to remember communication system that uses just four different words. The Tow-Ed technique is going to keep a lot of marriages together.

Denise hates driving my 200 Series Landcruiser in the city with its big towing mirrors and had done virtually no towing at all prior to that day. And there she was reversing the rig down a narrow S-shaped track with trees on each side, under Graham’s expert tuition.

We learned a whole lot of technical stuff about towing and Graham gave us some valuable insights into the correct tyre pressures for our caravan as well as the importance of travelling with water tanks full. He put markers on our caravan to show how far we could back the caravan around before jack-knifing, a valuable aid when manoeuvring into a narrow site.

We could not have had a better or more effective teacher. He seemed to be able to zero in on what we needed, communicated very effectively and was delightful company for the entire day.

The course is fully accredited, comprehensive and represents excellent value for money. I recommend it to anyone who wants to confidently trundle their off road caravan down the road less travelled.

Keith BergJan 2020