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Course available at Lithgow, NSW.

This one-day course is the ideal introduction to driving your vehicle with a trailer and venturing beyond the bitumen. Available in select locations, it offers experienced instruction so you can tow with confidence.

Whether you want to tow a camper trailer or off road caravan– this course sets you up to tow safely and securely, so the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

You’ll learn how to:

  • check your trailer is safe, secure and loaded properly
  • connect your trailer to your vehicle for optimal safety
  • spot potential problems before they derail your journey
  • drive – forward and reverse – with a trailer
  • tow a trailer safely in traffic and off road
  • assess suitability of track to tow a trailer
  • decouple and park your trailer appropriately

How it works

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive the Australian Guide to Towing handbook and the Practical Guide to Towing DVD so you can do some prep and complete some short written exercises.

On the day of your training, we’ll review your answers and discuss any questions – then it’s time to get behind the wheel. Please note that some off road driving experience is necessary before booking this course- we recommend the Off Road Skills Course which will give you all the skills you need.

Contact us to assess your training needs so you’ll get personalised training and suitable terrain experience.

Further student information, including Terms & Conditions​, is available here.


Special Offers: 

  • Private course Lithgow venue – Discount for group booking, if two or more trailers on the same course. $645 each vehicle.
  • $995 Private Towing course per vehicle with up to two drivers. You choose the date and venue.

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