Back on ‘Track’ - 2020 My Year of Adventure

January 15, 2020


Happy New Year Adventurers!

So 2019 was a big year for our family. We welcomed another beautiful baby boy, completing our little fam bam. He surprised us by arriving five weeks early in August. It was a hectic time, but all is well and we are settling in wonderfully as a family of four.

Baby J has already done quite a number of road trips in his four months, Canberra, Cooma, South Coast & Lithgow to name a few, with lots more on the horizon. Mr H is loving being a big brother and can’t wait to show Baby J everything!

With that in mind we have decided to get back on track & make 2020 our year of adventure. With our current situation (work, kids etc) we want to make it the year of the short escapes and lots of long weekends and support those communities ravaged by fires and drought along the way.

Hubby and I both sat down and decided on some destinations that we would like to see and tick off our list.

We both love picking places we haven’t been and also places that offer a range of activities, drives, scenery etc. Hubby is one of those people who cannot sit still for too long. If we are at camp, he has to be doing something whether it be collecting firewood (when applicable), fishing, exploring the local area or going on a nice scenic drive.

Some of the destinations we have chosen so far include caves, walks, 4WD routes, beaches and fishing. Anything that will give us quality family time. 

We are also organising ourselves a little better in relation to camping gear and ‘kitting’ the car up to be a little more practical so we can just pack and go. I have designed a draw unit with flip up cargo barrier to go in the back so that we can regain our seven seats when we need to. Thankfully Hubby is cluey so he will be making these. Love that he just goes along with my crazy ideas.

We decided that we needed to stop spending ALL our weekends cleaning the house and mowing the lawns, so here is to making 2020 our year of adventure. We will keep you posted on the progress of the drawers and also on how I go about planning our weekends.

It’s looking like it is going to be a great year for us. 

What are you doing to make it a different year for you and your family?

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