Escape the Norm

January 20, 2020


Christmas holidays have passed and it makes me think about where I have been and where to next. It’s time to plan our next escape, from work, home and the chores that seem to glare at us the minute we have some time to ourselves. Time to escape the lot and relax!

While some of us have the yearly booking at the same caravan park, at the same site, for the same period, there are others like myself who enjoy mixing it up. Don’t get me wrong if this is your bliss then go for it!! Everyone is different.

A couple of years ago, BC (before children) we decided ‘to do’ the east coast from Sydney to Eden. We were going to wing it, from where we wanted to stay and how long, to what we wanted to see along the way.

Well on the first day we got as far as Moruya and after battling the day trippers and the other holiday makers we thought we would try for something a little quieter. Over lunch we found our ‘out’. 

We looked at our 4WD atlas* and found a 4WD only road from Moruya through to Cooma. Keeping our wits about us and acknowledging that if it got too much for us, or there were obstacles we didn’t feel comfortable with, we could always turn back.  We knew what we and our vehicle was capable of, thanks to the 4WD course we completed when we first bought our vehicle. (Can’t recommend it highly enough, you can lay the foundations and build on your learning through your adventures)

So we hit the track and it was great, so scenic. There was only a small section that we felt the need to engage low range.

We popped through the other side, just out of Cooma and ended up spending our remaining days camped on the shores of Lake Eucumbene, such a magic spot. Although there were people around it wasn’t packed like the coast. 

The Snowy Mountain region in summer is truly beautiful, I believe everyone should experience it without snow at some point. We were 4WDing, road driving, fishing, kayaking and of course relaxing.

Upon returning home and telling my parents about our trip, I found out that they had spent their honeymoon in the same region during the summer months.

It is definitely one of my favourite trips because it was so spontaneous.

My advice to anyone going camping in the summer and other peak holiday periods, is to think outside the box, maybe choose somewhere outside your comfort zone, or somewhere you haven’t been before.

The South Coast and the Snowy Mountains regions that we travelled to back then need our support. All the areas affected by the fires and drought need us to return and spend our money so that they can rebuild their businesses and the communities can start to thrive again. They have been hit hard and the best thing we can do is to go with an ‘empty esky’ and spend our time and money in these beautiful places. Scorched or not they have so much to offer.

In November, after seeing the damage resulting from the fires that ravaged the mid North Coast, our family decided that for our first trip of 2020 on the Australia Day weekend would be north.


*We use and recommend Hema Road & 4WD Atlas

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Peter Skinner (Reply)
Hi there, thanks for your post re the Moruya - Cooma trip. Are you able to pinpoint the places where this track began and went via? I’m heading south once the ban on travel lifts and would like to see If the track you found might be a nice alternative to the highways. Thank you for you article once more and the beaut photos. Peter