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January 30, 2019

Hi, I’m Lynette. Welcome to the Getabout blog.

This is where I get to share with you some of the adventures, memorable moments – and the occasional mishap – that I’ve had as a lifelong 4WD devotee.

It’s where you get the inside track on what 4WD travel is all about, as I’ll share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and give you the lowdown on some of my favourite road trip destinations.

And it’s where I get down to brass tacks, tent pegs and spark plugs. I shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is, because I don’t know any other way. It was how I was raised; you push your sleeves up and get stuck in.

(And I like to talk, so if you’ve got a question drop me a line. Chances are I’ll write a post to answer your question!)

You could say I was born into this. I grew up in a family with one hell of a sense of adventure – and it’s never left me.

My childhood was amazing. I got to travel around Australia with my parents and brothers, meeting new people, and making incredible memories.



I remember playing basketball with the Aboriginal children in Kalumburu. I remember offering different-sized shells to a hermit crab that couldn’t quite find the home he was looking for. And I remember being rained-in on a trip and one of my brothers was running around in the mud, getting taller and taller as the clay collected on his gumboots to the point that he fell over and started making mud angels.

And it was from those road trips that Getabout was born.

Getabout has been going a long time, and I’ve always been involved one way or another. Whether it was folding brochures as a kid in the early days, to helping run the business today, I’ve been very lucky that I can work in something I’m passionate about. (Folding brochures for pocket money is still work, right?!)

I’m now a mum myself and want my son to experience the same things as he’s growing up: camping, travelling, making friends along the road and having new experiences. He has already been on more camping trips than years he has been alive, with plenty more to come!


I’m passionate about people being able to get out into the countryside to explore and enjoy all the incredible natural beauty of Australia. And get to visit some of the awesome country towns in the outback. I think it could be the friendliest place on Earth. Oh, and the amazing wine we have as well. Don’t want to forget that!

I like a good chat around the campfire, so pull up a chair and let’s talk.

Welcome to the ride.

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