Working in Remote Areas

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Risk Management, undertaking a risky activity, working in the outdoors.
We offer a one day course preparing trainees for work in the outdoors and remote regions.
The course is designed to enable participants to be completely comfortable and safe working in regions with limited support and communications.

Competency based;
Plan outdoor recreation activities
Undertake Risk Analysis of Activity.

Getabout instructors have years of experience working in remote areas and offer courses Australia wide.
The Course covers:
• Making Logistical arrangements;
• Planning and organisational procedures;
• Identifying hazards and implementing risk minimisation techniques;
• Conduct risk analysis of an activity;
• Selection and use of suitable equipment including communication;
• Activity-specific and location-specific information and equipment maintenance history including relevant incident and failure reports;
• Identify/ plan & monitor food requirements;
• Identify/ plan for water needs and usage;
• Identify and plan clothing requirements;
• Undertake risk assessment of an activity;
• Monitor and review the risk management for an activity;
• Determine and comply with statutory and organisational procedures;
• Applicable documentation;
• Deal with non-routine situation and
• The need to improvise equipment or techniques.

The teaching / learning outcomes are designed to enable our clients to gain necessary skills and be able to use them with confidence in the outdoor workplace.