Remote Trip Planning (Bush Mechanic) Workshop

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Our Price: $300.00
(inc GST)

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Planning to travel in a remote area with your 4WD vehicle & Camper trailer!

This workshop is specifically designed to help being prepared for your adventure!

Don’t ruin your holiday or endanger yourself because you can’t get yourself going again.

When traveling in remote areas you may not have phone service or road service to call if a problem arises, so why not gain some skills to help fix a problem should that occur and get your vehicle & trailer moving again.

This is a very practical course so expect to get your hands dirty!

Learn how to do;

  • Emergency tyre repairs
  • Suspension repairs
  • Vehicle & trailer preparation
  • What equipment to take
  • And much more

All equipment required for this workshop is included in the course cost. 

Price also includes the "Getabout Training 4WD Guide" which includes an comprehensive section on trip management.