Advanced Recovery Kit


Our Price: $400.00
(inc GST)

Introducing the ultimate 4WD recovery kit. Housed in a hard-wearing, easy-to-stow bag, it contains all the gear you need for if your vehicle gets stuck. It also comes with extra resources for use with a winch. So you’ll never be stuck for long. It features:

  • 8100kg, 9m snatch strap
  • 2 x equaliser strap/tree trunk protector
  • 2 x 3.2T-rated shackles
  • 1 x air dampeners
  • Canvas blind
  • Jacking plate
  • Riggers gloves
  • 8T snatch block
  • 5m drag chain with grab hooks. (please note: this is not for vehicle towing purposes- only for removing of obstacles on the track.)

*For the safest, most effective vehicle recovery, training is recommended. Try the Advanced Off Road Skills Winch Course

Safety Warning: Vehicle recovery can be potentially dangerous and training is recommended before the use of any of this equipment.