Snatch Strap


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Whether you’re stuck in sand or mud, a snatch strap is often your best bet for getting your vehicle free. Tough and hard-working, it’s no wonder this snatch strap is the bestselling strap in its class. Made from high tenacity nylon webbing, it’s supremely strong while offering excellent stretch. Reinforced eyelets at both ends make connection easy. An ideal all-rounder to get you out of almost any situation.

The bench mark of all snatch straps.

Made from high tenacity nylon webbing to ensure high stretch. Fully protected sewn eyes at both ends for ease of connecting with red line indicators woven into the webbing

Tested and proven as the most popular all-rounder and biggest seller.


W60mm X L 9m  

5400kg recovery load limit   

8100 MBS (minimum breaking strength)